My favorite flowers are orchids. I was delighted when I found the wild Mountain Lady’s Slipper orchid grew in Prince George. The photographs used in this brochure are photographs I took of a patch of Mountain Lady’s Slippers near where I was living in Prince George. They are also the inspiration for a number of my fabric designs. The brochure is an attempt to protect the orchids by making people aware the plants are there and that if you pick the flowers or transplant the plant you are killing the plant. The brochure is a trifold brochure created in Adobe InDesign.

The illustration used in the brochure was created by using Procreate, a software program compatible with and similar to Photoshop. I was trying to mimic the hand drawn look of pencil but by electronic means. Procreate is an iPad program and with the Apple pencil is a very natural way to draw. To get the pencil look I had to explore the brush settings and colors. This setup is convenient and will allow me to make sketches while hiking as well as notes and measurements of the flora for further digital drawings. This will give me assets to use in my designs.