Gate Opening

This project was to design an equipment gate. The gate had to be high enough and strong enough to keep the elk out of the garden. The gate also had to match the existing fence entrance posts and the house. I measured up the wood and the space where the gate would be built and drew this in AutoCAD. Printing these out we could sketch in various designs to begin deciding on what might be wanted for the gate.

Gate Mockup

The next step was putting different designs on the photograph using Photoshop and Illustrator to simulate what it would actually look like. This helped the customer decide on a design by being able to visualize what the gate would look like in the space of the existing wood frame. Once the design was decided on an AutoCAD drawing was created complete with all the dimensions.

Actual Gate

Here we see the gate complete. The material used to construct the gate was rough cut cedar. The rough cut dimensions of the wood changed between the design and the actual wood used which amounts for the difference between the mockup and the actual gate.